O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse

My goal is to discover gluten-free food in the District to make your gluten-free diet easier.

Dupont Circle FRESHFARM market

What I got: The loaf of plain bread (with dairy) is the perfect consistency, something that’s extremely hard to get right with gluten-free baking. And don’t skip the delicious chocolate chip scones. There are non-dairy options for both breads and scones. I always feel unhealthy and slightly gross when I buy generic gluten-free bread in the grocery store. Your body (especially your tastebuds) will thank you for making this choice.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.53.38 PM

Gluten-free friendliness: Everything by O Earth Creamery and Bakehouse (made in Mess Hall, a culinary incubator) is gluten-free, “responsibility sourced” and mostly plant based. The website speaks for itself: “We care deeply about doing our part to create a more sustainable food-system and support healthier communities.”

Overall vibe: How good is O Earth? The only bad experience I’ve had with O Earth is when I showed up too late in the day and Annette (who is incredibly sweet) had run out of everything. I learned quickly that the best way to guarantee a loaf of bread is to order ahead of time via email. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious. If you’re in Dupont on a Sunday, definitely try to stop by early. I just wish I could find her products in more places around the District.

Gluten-free gut reaction: Going back tomorrow

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